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What You Need to Know About Ceiling Stains

Posted on June 9, 2023

What You Need to Know About Ceiling Stains

Begin scene.  You are enjoying a nice Wisconsin summer evening, and as you lean back to sip your chilly beverage of choice, you spy with your little eye a gross brown stain on the ceiling.  What is that?  Where is it coming from?  How bad is this going to be for my wallet?  What do I do now?  I guess there goes my relaxing evening.  End scene.  These spots on the ceiling can mean a lot of different things for your home, health, safety and stress levels.  Let’s start with understanding what could cause these obnoxious stains. 


Moisture is the leading offender in causing ceiling stains.  Generally speaking, this means you have a leak somewhere in your home.  It could be from a plumbing issue, a broken shower pan, or even a leaky roof.  We know the idea of a roof repair or, heaven forbid, a full roof replacement resembles a homeowner’s nightmare.  Unfortunately, leaky roofs are the biggest contributor to stained ceilings.  This is why it is so crucial to remember to check your ceilings, root out the source of the stain, and take action rapidly.  However, sometimes stains do not come from a water leak.  The general list of typical stain causes includes… 

  • Poor Plumbing Lines 
  • Broken Shower Pans 
  • Pest Invasion 
  • Cracks in Walls, Ceilings, or Chimneys 
  • Chemical Spills 
  • HVAC Defects 


First of all, let’s not forget that preventative measures are the best option.  Get your roof inspected by the professionals on a regular basis and make sure to routinely check the ceilings in the house.  When you have found a stain on the ceiling, your next move should be to search for the origin and then call the appropriate professionals.  If you find pests like birds or rodents living in the attic, then you know you need to contact pest control.  If the issue is mold growing on the ceiling, call an expert to check your HVAC system and its insulation.  After ensuring you have fixed the root of the problem, you can remove the mold by following these steps.  

Knowing that the problem could possibly be a leak in the roof, you absolutely do not want to avoid that discovery, as unpleasant as it may be.  To determine if the dilemma is coming from your roof, you can check for broken or absent shingles, loose screws, or ripped flashings.  If the stain is currently wet, that is a definite indicator of an ongoing issue rather than an old leak stain.  However, finding a leak in the roof can be pretty tough.  If you cannot find the reason for the brown spots, call us and we’ll conduct an inspection for you.  

Owning a home is one of the biggest investments one can make in a lifetime, and taking solid care of it is a big priority.  The longer you put off learning what’s going on, the more potential harm your house may suffer, costing you even more money and hardship in the long run.  Call Renew Roofing for any further questions or concerns about ceiling stains and what they could mean for your home!

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