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Let’s Get That Roof Replacement Done In The Fall, 4 Pack-Style!

Posted on June 9, 2023

Let’s Get That Roof Replacement Done In The Fall, 4 Pack-Style!

Changing colors, crisp air, beef stew, football, goblins and ghouls, and darn near pumpkin everything…. There are a million and one reasons why fall can be debated as the best season of the year. Well, for us here at Renew Roofing, we most definitely love fall for all the reasons listed above, but we also love fall for one more major reason: Impeccable roofing weather.

In the following lines we digress upon why we believe fall is your time to shine as an attentive and caring homeowner. We invite you to peruse our detailed list below if you are interested in saving money, time, stress, and keeping you and. yours warm and toasty on this upcoming winter season for the Upper Midwest. It’s roofing replacement and inspection tip time.

  • Shattered By The Summer – Here in Wisconsin we are no strangers to summer-time straight-line winds, large hail, intensive downpours, and tornadoes. Each one of these weather wonders can do a number on your roof. Fall lends itself as an ample time to take stock of possible damage to your roof from summer storms. Conversely, if a storm has crossed your area and laid out significant damage to your roof, don’t wait until fall. Call a roofing specialist immediately.
  • Man I Love This Weather – We genuinely believe that you would be hard pressed to find a single person in Wisconsin that doesn’t love fall. This bountiful season is the sweet spot between muggy, mosquito-ridden summers and the hard freeze of our rough and tumble winters. The same goes for roofing. Roofers love working in the pleasantness of fall and roofing materials love to be worked with. What we mean by that is the thermometer reads temperatures which gives shingles and sealant the perfect formula for success.
  • The Sealant Settles – Piggybacking on the above tip and expanding specifically on sealant, the fall season lasts just long enough (roughly 2 – 2 ½), to allow sealant to properly grip and settle on your roof. Why is this important, you ask? Applying fresh sealant to your roof just before winter will give you and your family piece of mind knowing that wind and moisture will not be able to sneak in during the frigid winter months.
  • Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Mind – For our last tip on why you should get your roof replaced or inspected during the fall, we turn to a lesser known hiccup. Let’s say the summer storm season wasn’t all that bad. You had personally inspected your roof in the spring, and you had a professional inspection last fall, and on top of all this, you roof is only a few years old. So, you figure, what the heck, I’ll save some money this fall by skipping my yearly professional inspection and wait until the spring. And then halfway through the winter, you notice a quarter size hole in your roof that you hadn’t noticed before. Winter is one of the hardest seasons to schedule a roofing contractor in Wisconsin, and now you don’t know what to do. The point here is that it is always a sound and prudent idea to get your roof professionally inspected in the fall, even if you think you are good to go.

Give us a call today to get the ball rolling on your annual roofing maintenance / inspection.

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