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Important Facts About Storm Damaged Roofs

Posted on June 9, 2023

Important Facts About Storm Damaged Roofs

Wisconsin weather can be quite intense and unpredictable. We have everything from thunderstorms to blizzards, and these can take quite the toll on a roof. Let’s talk about some of the kinds of storms you may experience and what the resulting damage may look like. 


Hail damage can be pretty extreme in some cases. It varies based on the materials the roof is made of and the size of the hail, but you can typically expect the loss of shingle granules and exposed areas. Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover this, and it’s also one of the most common claims made.


Regardless of if other weather accompanies it, high winds can seriously damage roofs. This may include lost shingles, leaks and more. Oftentimes, homeowner’s insurance covers wind damage, as well as tree-related damage from high winds. 


Heavy rains and flooding can cause everything from rot, stains, mold and cracks. It’s important to get this damage assessed ASAP. Rain damage/acts of God are typically covered by insurance, unless it’s the result of neglect. 


Ice dams are the result of melting snow and, if left untreated, can lead to serious leaks.  Most insurance policies cover this due to heavy winter storms, but the condition of your roof and other factors will also come into play. 


Tornadoes are a force of destruction, so it’s no wonder they can wreak havoc on a roof. They have a vacuum effect that can suck the roofing materials right off while also inflicting damage with flying debris. Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover roof damage caused by tornadoes, but it could vary based on where you live and the cause of the damage. 


Thunder and lightning have the ability to literally blast the shingles off your roof, potentially resulting in fires that ignite the home. Most policies do, however, cover lightning strikes and all resulting damage.


Immediately following storm damage, you need to contact your insurance company. 

Here are some important tips for filing a storm damage claim:

  • Keep your insurance policy nearby when you contact your insurance agent or company. 
  • Create a detailed list of the type of storm, the time it occurred, and all of the damage you received.
  • Determine the proper procedures and any deadlines for filing your claim.
  • Go over details with a fine-toothed comb about what repairs and replacements your policy will cover. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your insurance adjuster ASAP. They will come out to take a look at the damage and determine the proper cost of repairs. When the inspector visits, be sure to have the roofing contractor there as well to ensure your claim is accurate.
  • Learn the details of your claims payment process, including the timeline on how it will be paid. 


When you’re choosing a roofer following storm damage, you need one that’s reputable and known for its quality service. That’s Renew Roofing in Spooner, WI. We’re not “storm chasers” just here to make a quick buck off of your disaster; we care about our community and every single client. 

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