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Five Prevailing Roofing Mistakes

Posted on June 9, 2023

Five Prevailing Roofing Mistakes

The roof of a house is one of its most crucial components.  As Wisconsin locals, we all know this to be true!  Your roof protects you from our unpredictable weather and intense storms, making sure you and your loved ones sleep safe and sound.  Proper roofing also greatly increases the energy efficiency of your home!  But how many of us really take great care of our roofs?  Your neighborhood professionals at Renew Roofing have put together this simple list of common roofing fails to avoid. 


Choosing to repair your roof on your own can be a very expensive and even dangerous undertaking.  Not only might you not have the correct equipment to accomplish the repairs in a safe manner, it is likely you may take the wrong course of action for repair without proper training and experience.  Also, if you make a mistake making your own repairs, you might end up spending much more to get it fixed in the end.  Contacting expert contractors is the best way to make sure your roof is taken care of right the first time, and with a warranty to ease your mind. 


Knowing whether your roof can survive with a patch to replace a few missing shingles or if it requires a full replacement is not a simple task.  There are many factors involved such as the age of your roof, what kind of shingles to use, the material that lives underneath the shingles, etc.  We highly recommend working with a professional contractor who can let you know exactly what you’re looking at and which direction would be best.  


It might seem easy for you to install new shingles to replace your broken or missing ones.  However, purchasing the right ones for your roof might be a challenge. There is also a chance that the layer below the shingles may also be damaged.  You run the risk of leaving the roof bare and open to the weather.  Also, a major function of a roof is keeping your house more energy efficient.  Just as the FTC points out, about half of what you pay for energy typically goes to heating and cooling your home.  If repairs are not completed properly this could mean damage to your wallet through your utility bill!


You won’t always be able to see leaks or other issues, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Here are some tips for simple DIY roof checks.  Just know that this shouldn’t replace regular professional inspections.  Undiscovered roofing issues can lead to mold and impact the stability of your home’s structure and/or have serious consequences for your health. 


In this scenario, you have been great about doing your routine roof checks and you notice a leak.  You know there is a problem, yet you put off making the phone call to set an appointment with a professional.  We all think we would take the responsible route and address our roofing issue in a timely fashion, but this is actually a very common response!  Even if the issue is as small as moss growing on your roof, the little things can end up really costing you in the end if ignored.  

We hope that this list will help you not fall prey to these common mistakes!  It is essential to be wary of the warning signs, take preventive measures, and act quickly if you notice any issues.  Your roof should look great, keep your house energy-efficient, and keep you safe.  Call us at Renew Roofing today and we can answer any questions you may have! 

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