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3 Ways To Thank Your Roof

Posted on June 9, 2023

3 Ways To Thank Your Roof

Whether you are young, old, or somewhere in the middle, it is darn near impossible to deny the pull and lure of the Thanksgiving season. Beyond the food, friends, and football, another important aspect of this season is to give thanks to those around you.

The thanks, however, don’t need to stop with your family and co-workers. They can also extend to your home and your roof. Having a well-working and worry-free roof is something everyone should be thankful for.

Renew Roofing would like to offer 3 ways in which a homeowner can be thankful for their roof, while also sprinkling in some tidbits on how to keep your roof humming along all year round.

  •  Total House Protection

While it may seem redundant to acknowledge, owning and caring for a home is a time-honored tradition which many take very seriously. In addition to caring for your entire property, your roof is one of the most, if not the most, integral part of your housing system. And because the roof is so important, many-a homeowner spend their valuable time and hard-earned money investing in the overall care of their roof. Taking care of and being thankful for your roof like it is a family member really makes sense, since it protects your family day-in and day-out.

An extra tip here is that you should always attempt to schedule at least 1 professional roofing-assessment a year as to avoid major damages to your roof.

  •  Your Roof Adds Monetary Worth

All parts of your house and property work in wonderful unison to provide you with a working investment that adds to your overall collateral, and your roof is very much a part of this equation. Keeping responsibility for and maintaining your roof will no doubt add to the overall desirability and worth of your property. In all reality, it matters not whether you are looking to sell your home or not, because keeping your roof and your house in top condition is nothing but a win for you; and, once again, another reason to be thankful for your roof.

Roofing tip #2 goes something like this: Making monetary investments into fixing your roof, even if they are larger, will pay dividends down the road with higher overall property value.

  •  Home Efficiency

The last reason to give thanks to your roof has to deal with whole-home efficiency. If taken care of and tended to properly, your roof will repay you by lowering your heating and cooling bills all year long. This last point will ring especially true for us Wisconsinites, who have to deal with brutally cold winters and sticky, hot summers. 

There are various tricks and tips which you can follow to bolster your home efficiency through the operation of your roof. A properly insulated attic / crawl space can do wonders in the winter in keeping the cold out and your heating system away from having to work overdrive. Insulation can also help during the summers to keep your home cooler, thus solidify itself as a legitimate roofing helper.

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