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3 Clues To Avoiding Frightful Roofing Companies

Posted on June 9, 2023

3 Clues To Avoiding Frightful Roofing Companies

We all want insider-information, right? What if I told you that this certain insider-information could save you money and worry, as well as the piece of mind of knowing that your family is safe and sound; would you want said insider-info?

I think it is safe to say that the majority of homeowners would say yes, give me that info! Renew Roofing would like to take this time to let you in on a few clues to avoiding unscrupulous and unfavorable roofing contractors and companies.

A roof replacement is a large and unnerving undertaking, but don’t let this emotional susceptibility steer you down the path of making a rash and regrettable decision when choosing a roofing company.

  1. Keep An Eye For Roofing Streamers

Many-a roofing company predicates their business on what I like to call “swoop-and-stream” tactics. They move from area to area and town to town (not necessarily leaving the state, but keeping their focus on a regional clientele to prey on), focusing on areas which have just been hit by a storm or major natural event / disaster. The problem is, most of these contractors produce work which mirrors their customer pick-up approach, fast and unreliable. Focusing on getting as many contracts as possible, these roofers have no regard for quality work.

  1. A Long Roof  Job Does Not Always Mean Excellence

While the roofing streamers mentioned above will claim that they are focused on moving fast and getting your roofing fixes completed as quickly as possible, in the same breath you will inevitably hear that the job is going to take longer than expected due to delayed materials, loss of employees, etc. Even though unexpected delays can be assumed to occur from time to time, roofing contractors that continually give you the same excuse over and over should be questioned. This ploy is meant to pull more money from your wallet, while also adding stress and confusion within the homeowner. In addition to all these, be specifically wary of contractors who ask to be paid by the day / hour, not the overall job.

  1. Ask About Roofing Coverage

You will generally find that most roofing companies offer some sort of warranty / coverage on their jobs. However, the key to keeping yourself out of the gutter in terms of financial exploitation is to make sure, once again, to ask questions and dig deeper before settling on a choice for a contractor. A lot of these crooked roofing companies will make it seem like you are getting a great deal in terms of a warranty; but you will only truly know that you are getting a good deal if you are active and aware. Coverage for materials AND workmanship / craftsmanship is something every homeowner should look for in a warranty.

Winter is right around the corner here in Wisconsin, and this is the time to get your roof repairs and fixes out of the way before the hard freeze of the Upper Midwest winter settles in. You can be rest-assursed that when you call your friends at Renew Roofing you will be greeted with honesty, courtesy, and a company-wide commitment to doing a job right the first time.

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