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Need A Roof Leak Repair Service? Avoid These Costly Mistakes!

Posted on November 6, 2023

Need A Roof Leak Repair Service? Avoid These Costly Mistakes!

At ReNew Roofing, we help people keep their homes safe and sound all year-round. We hope this blog post equips you with new knowledge and useful tips for your roof repair project.

If water is dripping down the ceiling, the first thing you need to do is place a bucket under it and move your furniture and belongings to a safer place. Then, it’s time to call the right team of professionals to put an end to the problem.

However, it’s possible to make mistakes during an emergency, but you can easily avoid those errors with professional advice. So, to help you out we’ve created a guide to finding a permanent and cost effective roof leak repair service. 

Let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid and understand the right way to go about the repairs.

Mistake #1: Choosing The Cheapest Option

I get it, everyone wants to save money. However, when it comes to repairing roof leaks, choosing the cheapest option is often a way to a disaster. Hiring the lowest charging contractor or an unlicensed handyman may not be able to address the underlying issue, and you’ll find yourself back in the same situation. Moreover, such work can damage the adjacent parts of your roof, affect product warranties, and invalidate insurance claims.

Solution: Choose Value Over Cost

Don’t rush into a decision. Research the best roofing contractors in your area, and evaluate their services, feedback, ratings, awards, and certifications. Finally, make a list of the top contractors and get quotes from at least three of them. Choose the most feasible one based on your budget, roofing system, and other requirements. Their professionals should be able to fulfill all your requirements, have expertise with your roofing system, and follow the building codes and regulations of your area.

Mistake #2: Assuming Your Insurance Will Cover The Roof Leak Repair Cost

You may think that your homeowner or building insurance policy should cover this kind of roof damage and repairs, however, that’s not always the case. The coverage provided in your insurance policy should be crystal clear to you. Most insurance companies can easily notice maintenance negligence and improper roofing work, which leaves them no choice but to reject your claim. This can put a financial burden on you, especially if you were dependent on the coverage.

Solution: Understand Your Insurance Policy

Don’t forget to discuss your insurance policy with the roofing contractor and insurance adjustor. The adjustor can help you understand the details of the policy, and the roofers can document the damage for you. They can do it perfectly by using drones and thermal cameras to create a detailed roof condition report with the required solutions. This will make your roof insurance claim process quicker and smoother.

Mistake #3: Choosing Low Cost Or Incompatible Roofing Materials

Are you facing roof leaks frequently, or is it the first time? The solution depends on your answer. You may need to repair a section of the roof, or replace damaged flashing or vent pipes.

Regardless of the cause, frequency, and solution for the leaks, they should be fixed properly using the right materials and tools. Otherwise, poor quality or incompatible products are bound to cause more damage, even if the leak is fixed for the time being.

Solution: Use Long Lasting Materials From Good Manufacturers

Good quality materials can withstand harsh weather effects for years and come with solid warranty protection. This can guarantee that you won’t be needing roof leak repair service or a replacement anytime soon. However, there are two conditions: those materials should be compatible with your existing roofing materials and installed correctly by a certified and experienced professional.

Mistake #4: Not Considering Additional Improvements

As you struggle with roof leaks, it’s essential to consider all aspects that may contribute to your problem, and one common oversight is neglecting the idea of additional repairs and improvements. Many homeowners mistakenly assume that a simple patch job will suffice, but in reality, a holistic approach can save you from future headaches.

Roof Leak Repair

Solution: Employ Damage Prevention Measures During Roof Leak Repairs

Winters are here and one way to avoid leaks and roof damage is by winterizing your home. For the roof, this involves tasks like insulating the attic, vent pipes, and downspouts. It also includes re-sealing roof flashing and any gaps and cracks in the roof. For snowy and freezing areas, homeowners should install heat cables at the roofline to prevent ice dams. You should also think about installing storm windows and doors. And don’t forget about the skylights!

By avoiding these common oversights and implementing solutions for roof leaks, you can shield your home and enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment.

Next, let’s understand the common leak repair products that can come to the rescue when you’re facing roofing issues. 

Popular Ways To Temporarily Fix Roof Leaks

Remember, these products are designed to offer temporary fixes or assist in emergencies until you can consult with a professional roofing contractor. Keep in mind that these solutions should be viewed as temporary measures and not as permanent fixes.

1. Roofing Cement 

Roofing cement, also known as mastic, is a thick, waterproof substance designed to seal gaps, cracks, and minor leaks. It’s ideal for small, localized problems, such as repairing roof flashing or a few loose shingles. Roofing cement is applied directly to the affected area, creating a waterproof barrier. It should be applied uniformly without creating unsightly patches.

2. Roofing Tape

Roofing tape is a self adhesive, waterproof tape designed to seal small roof leaks and prevent water from infiltrating your home. It’s a quick and easy solution for small, temporary repairs.

3. Roof Patch Kits

Roof patch kits often contain fabric or mesh patches and a sealant or adhesive. They are useful for covering small holes or tears in your roofing material, like those caused by falling branches or debris.

4. Roofing Tarps

Roofing tarps are large, heavy duty sheets of material that can be used to cover damaged or leak prone areas temporarily. They are especially handy during emergencies or while awaiting professional repairs.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the safe application of the repair products. This includes proper ventilation and application techniques. If you are uncomfortable with heights or lack experience, it’s safer to consult a professional roofing contractor to handle the repairs.

If you are facing roof leaks and want a quick, effective, and permanent solution, we’re here to help.

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