The Master Elite Certification

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Let’s keep it real; there are many roofing contractors and roofing companies in the industry. However, just a few are appropriately certified for any job, no matter how small, big, easy or difficult; only 2% of the contractors in the market possess the GAF Master Elite certification. 

The GAF Master Elite certification is the highest level of roofing certification in the industry. Interested in knowing more about it? Keep reading, please!

What Is It  

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film, the leading manufacturer of roofing materials in America to go with the basics. They have made almost 3 Billion dollars on sales, and there’s a 1/4 chance that your roof was built with GAF’s materials.

The Master Elite certification, on the other hand, is what every trustworthy roofing company aspires to have. This certification is given to licensed contractors, properly insured, have a proven good reputation, and are committed to unstopping professional training.

When looking for a contractor or roofing company, make sure they have the right certifications. If they have the Master Elite from GAF, the roofing contractors will ensure you quality services.

4 Benefits Of Working With A GAF Master Elite Expert

Working with a roofing company that is properly certified can give you many benefits; below, you’ll find some of them: 

1. Superior Workmanship 

When hiring roofing contractors with the Master Elite certification, you can expect their work done efficiently and on time. According to their certification, they will follow the quality standards and requirements, which is from the biggest roofing material manufacturer. 

2. Up-To-Date 

GAF Master Elite roofing contractors never stop learning. They are constantly getting involved in the new trends about the most advanced installation methods. They will offer you whatever fits your needs best.

3. Best Roofing Options 

They will adjust to your budget and offer you the best roofing options that will work for you. To them, it is not just about the money but delivering quality in all aspects.

4. Safe & Stronger Warranties 

Those contractors that possess the GAF Master Elite can offer the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, one of the strongest in the industry. This warranty covers materials for 50 years and workmanship for 25 years, and it also gives a lot more benefits!

Certified And Ready

ReNew Roofing is proudly one of the few selected with GAF Master Elite roofing contractors, delivering top-notch quality and workmanship in our field. We are always ready and committed to helping you with any roofing issue you may have. Choose quality; choose excellence; choose us!

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